Aditya Gune

About Me

I'm a software engineer living in California. I enjoy learning, solving problems, and creating things that help people. 

I currently work on microservices at Jetty.


Tech Journalism/Analysis

I've been writing about science and technology for almost 15 years

In 2010, I started working with, a consumer technology and computer hardware publication, where I covered a wide range of topics, including consumer electronics and PC hardware. I covered the launch of AMD's Bulldozer CPU architecture in 2011, Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture, NVIDIA's Fermi and Kepler architectures, and wrote about smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

In 2014, I joined TechTarget as a Products Editor, covering enterprise data center and infrastructure technology. Since then, I've written about systems management, data center storage, communications, and enterprise networking. I've also been a guest on several episodes of Risk & Repeat, a weekly cybersecurity podcast hosted by TechTarget's security media group.

I left TechTarget to take on a more hands-on engineering-oriented role in the tech industry. However, I remain interested in reading and communicating technology to others.